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Aaron Gertz

Business Development Consultant

I work closely with marketing departments at hospitals and health plans, providing them with strategic solutions to fit their needs and goals. It's about solving their unique problems with the right services and products for the best possible results.

To be successful in my position, you have to be able to listen. This sounds easy, but it takes focus and intention. When I truly listen, I can better understand the needs and pain points that someone has shared. It makes me better at my job and leads to better outcomes and stronger partnerships.

I like the collaborative effort that it takes to be successful working at Coffey. This is not a solo position—we are all a team counting on one another to be successful. And our clients are counting on us.

Aaron: Is a Cleveland Indians fan married to a Chicago Cubs fan, which made his baby somewhat of a sensation during the 2016 World Series. Loves golf, but hates the way he plays it sometimes. Likes thinking about future ideas that will change the world.

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