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Brian Griffith

Information Services Manager

I work with all aspects of Coffey's information technology (IT) infrastructure—servers, networks, software, desktop computers, etc. I also work on information security (keeping the bad guys out and the data in) and IT development, and I provide technical guidance and support whenever needed.

Customer service is very important in IT—right up there with technical competence. Who cares how much you know if you’re a jerk about it? This job is really about people. How can I help you do what you’re trying to do? When people interact with our IT team, they should come away feeling respected and encouraged.

I am very impressed with the high quality of Coffey's offerings in both print and digital. We have some incredibly sharp employees! (The free peanut butter is pretty great too.)

Brian: Plays the drums. Is an assistant coach for the Whitman College women's basketball team (who made it to the 2017 Elite Eight in the Division 3 NCAA Tournament). Watches a lot of basketball footage—but doesn't own a TV.

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