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Candace Ball


My job is to provide Coffey editors and writers with thorough and reliable sourcing for the content they create. I also monitor what's going on in healthcare so I can alert our editorial team to new developments, such as changes in screening guidelines. We take pride in delivering accurate, up-to-date information to our clients and readers.

To be a good researcher, you need to like solving puzzles—which I do. So I get excited when an assignment involves digging deep to find all the pieces we need to tell a story well.

I love seeing how my creative teammates transform the clinical content I provide into engaging healthcare content that really connects with readers.

Candace: Spent three weeks on the back of a motorcycle riding from Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, to Cape Town, South Africa. Celebrated a milestone birthday (we won't say which one) by competing in her first triathlon. Was born in Paris, France, and went to college in Oklahoma.

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