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Emily Anderson

Copy Editor

At Coffey I copyedit, proofread and fact-check print and digital projects for both Coffey and our clients. I even write a little! I spend my days immersed in the details, hunting for typos, factual errors and other glitches.

Copyediting errors come in all shapes and sizes, from misplaced commas to statistical errors to clunky word choices. In my line of work, you really just need to love finding typos, and I've always loved that. My job also requires a more-than-decent command of language, spelling and grammar, as well as an endlessly curious mind.

I have fantastic coworkers here at Coffey, I enjoy what I do and I love Walla Walla. We have some of the world's most beautiful sunsets, and our constant influx of tourists keeps the bar high for dining and entertainment options. On the weekends, downtown Walla Walla looks downright cosmopolitan, but when everyone heads back to Seattle or Portland on Sunday night, you feel like you have the place to yourself again.

Emily: Studied abroad during her junior year of college. Has a cockatiel named Winghis Khan. Has been to both Hawaii and Iceland in the last year. Loves birding. Is married to a serious gourmand. Thinks the Pacific Northwest easily bests all other regions of the U.S.

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