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Josh Moulton

Client Advocate/Project Manager

My job is to advocate for clients from the first time we set goals for their publication to the day they send their copy and photos to us, to the very last quality assurance step. As the leader of our internal team for each client project, I keep track of all aspects of production. This helps keep things running as smoothly as possible. I get to do this daily for dozens of multi-version publications that all have customized content.

Since things can change—sometimes a lot—during the production process, I find that being flexible and having a sense of humor are very important skills for my work with clients.

Not only that, I'm a logistics geek, and I love finding the path through a complex issue that at first glance seems impenetrable.

Josh: Relaxes at home by building with Lego bricks, but heads to the Oregon Coast when he wants some extended R&R.

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