Coffey PROfile

Judy Anderson

Art Director/Senior Graphic Designer

As a designer at Coffey, I spend the day merging writing, illustration, photography, branding standards, creativity and client preferences to create printed publications. My work doesn't end with design. I stay involved with the publication through both in-house and client reviews. Only when everything is perfect do I release it to the printer.

A job like mine involves quite a bit of collaboration. I work with writers, editors, project managers, clients and other designers every day. That's one of my favorite things about this job.

My work also involves creativity, and I enjoy that too. Finding new ways to talk about important health topics is always a treat for me.

I feel so lucky to be in a workplace that values hard work—and yet is creative and fun. And I appreciate my talented, respectful coworkers too.

Judy: Loved tea parties as a kid. Spends at least part of every day behind a camera. Wrote a letter at 9 years old with few words but many fancy letter forms.