Coffey PROfile

Julie Christian

Art Director/Senior Graphic Designer

I've always liked to make things. As a kid, I created greeting cards to sell in the living room to family members passing through. One design involved some fancy letter styling for the word "Congradulations!" It was a card for a graduate, and my family thought I was being clever with a play on words. I let them think that for a while until I finally admitted my misspelling.

I love the creative process of making connections between ideas. Sometimes I do that by playing with word or visual maps—relating one thing to another. It's a fun way to come up with something new, and it has led me to some interesting places.

My favorite part of working with clients is to hear the excitement in their voices (or see the exclamation marks in their emails) when they are expressing their happiness with a project I've worked on for them.

Julie: Hopes to someday cook the perfect bowl of Chinese noodles. Mud-wrestled for a fundraiser once; never will again.

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