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Linda Scott

Client Advocate/Project Manager

In my role, I advocate for the client and ensure that all of the pieces come together on time, on budget, and in a way that meets or exceeds expectations. I am the conduit for information between the client and our team. That means collecting details and sharing those—along with my insights and instructions—to create the client’s ideal print publication.

I know quality and timeliness are critical to the success of every project—and ultimately to the success of the client and Coffey. That makes it essential that I am able to communicate effectively and lead the team. I’d say there’s no single most important thing I do in this role, because it all matters to the results.

I love helping bring a client’s vision to life, being part of the creative and production process. And I get to work with people who read and write for a living. What could be better?

Linda: Did laundry at Yellowstone National Park for her first paying job. Keeps her hiking backpacks at “just add water” readiness. Has raced dragon boats and is a certified yoga instructor.

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