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Lisa Ladd

Senior Staff Writer

For Coffey and our clients, I write all kinds of content for both online and print media. I've always been interested in medicine and healthcare. In fact, earlier in my career I worked as a newspaper reporter on those beats.

I'd say my job requires a good deal of flexibility and creativity. One day, I might be tackling a complex topic, like interventional cardiology or abdominal aortic aneurysm repair. Later that same day, I am writing infographic copy that details the intricacies of tick removal.

I thoroughly enjoy writing personal patient profiles: stories where I talk with patients and doctors about life-changing events they shared. These are intimate stories, and it's an honor as a writer to help share them with readers.

Lisa: Hails from Chicago. Keeps a "life list" of birds she's seen. Enjoys bowling and billiards, but is truly terrible at one of them.

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