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Marjorie Reece

Lead Senior Editor

I started at Coffey as a writer, but being an editor suits me. I do love to play with words, to find ways to say something better. But I also enjoy putting it all together—from editorial strategy to design and packaging.

My favorite part of my job is getting to see a little spark of an idea come to life. That's such a rush. It's strange to say, but I am also drawn to problems. I like to come up with solutions, help people and get things done, whether it's tackling a challenging project or a prickly paragraph.

I really appreciate the creative team culture at Coffey. I feel inspired every day to do my best work for my team, our clients and their readers.

Margie: Won a car on her lunch break. Leaves drawers open, but just a little. Considers dark chocolate essential and medicinal.

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