Coffey PROfile

Maureen McManaman

Senior Graphic Designer

I design healthcare publications and other print materials. I help our print production team with pre-press work too. And l help the Digital Services department maintain client sites.

I love doing puzzles and mixing colors with shapes. That's a big part of what I do at Coffey, when I'm working to create an eye-catching design. I use visual elements, color and text to inspire readers to take action. When I can bring a client's ideas to life on the page, I know I've done a great job.

My coworkers are my favorite part of working at Coffey. I'm part of a talented team that works well together with the same goal in mind: To produce high-quality products for our clients. I love it that we all strive for perfection.

Maureen: Loves to run. Uses GPS tracking during her runs and makes her routes works of art she can share with friends. Took her Tooth Fairy role very seriously by creating origami out of dollar bills.