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Michael Morris

Senior Graphic Designer

My primary role at Coffey keeps me deep in magazine and newsletter design. But I also venture off the printed page to participate on other teams and special projects, including video editing, art directing illustrations and interactives for our digital library and designing for Coffey's own marketing needs.

I enjoy my jack-of-all-trades situation at Coffey. What makes it work is the fact that I'm surrounded by such a generous and knowledgeable team, with teammates who are always willing to share their talents and expertise. Teamwork—and clear and open communication—is absolutely essential to what I do.

Juggling so many different types of projects can be a challenge, but it's also one of my favorite things about my role. It means I am always learning and keeping an eye out for new trends and technologies to help move myself and the company forward.

Michael: Launched his own clothing line, Meteor, as a side hustle. Calls himself a "rabid bookaholic" and claims these additional vices: chocolate, root beer and naps.

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