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Stephanie Groom

Director of Human Resources

My days offer a lot of variety, which I love! My role includes recruiting and hiring, as well as helping oversee training, benefits, compensation, company policies and performance management. There's never a dull moment in HR, and you learn to roll with the unexpected.

When I think about what matters most in my job, integrity comes to mind—it's nonnegotiable in HR. You also need good communication skills and the ability to listen with an open mind.

I have to say my favorite part of my work is the people. We have a group of smart, talented, hard-working and supportive individuals. (Great hires, of course!) That combination creates an incredible team dynamic.

Stephanie: Perfected her parade wave as a Columbia County Fair Hostess. Drove wheat truck on her family farm. Is a part-time carny—she organizes an annual elementary school carnival.

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