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Tim Miller

Senior Developer

Coffey developers wear many hats. On any given day you may find me working in a number of languages, including C#, ColdFusion, MSSQL and Objective-C, in addition to HTML, JavaScript and CSS. We also perform database and server administration tasks. I've even been known to use Photoshop from time to time!

The web changes constantly. Developers need to be flexible and agile. Learning and implementing new technologies and techniques is pretty much a daily occurrence. You also have to enjoy solving problems. Developers think a little differently. Visualizing something from the ground up, or thinking through all the possibilities, takes a different kind of mind. And when you get it wrong and have to start over, it takes perseverance and determination—but that can be part of the fun too.

I love building and fixing things. I enjoy showing a new feature to someone for the first time or being able to tell someone their problem is fixed. I came to work at Coffey because I like people. I'm fortunate that I get to work with a group of people that I not only enjoy, but that I can learn from as well.

Tim: Has a side gig as a sheep and chicken farmer. Follows the Seattle Mariners faithfully (which explains sporadic mood swings). Likes to build things with wood too—he built his dining room table over Christmas break last year!

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