Our story

Coffey Communications is a family-owned healthcare communications company. Our founders, Cecil and Barbra Coffey, opened for business in 1975 and switched to a sole focus on healthcare marketing in 1983. Their children, Jane and Alan Coffey, have led the company as president and CEO since 1992.

Our products

Coffey's first products were printed. We offered our clients healthcare publications in a tabloid format—which was unlike anything else in the marketplace at that time. And we filled those publications with content that was impeccably researched, thoroughly checked and beautifully illustrated.

As our reputation grew and the needs of our clients changed, so did our products. We developed magazines and newsletters, and we created publications that were just right for specific audience types. In time, we developed completely custom print publications too. In 1998, Coffey moved into the digital age. We debuted our Health Information Library that year, and we began building websites for hospitals and health plans. We've expanded our digital product line to include SEO and e-newsletters, and we're developing a suite of new tools, including reputation management, PPC, social media publishing and more.

Now, we offer our clients a completely integrated experience. We can enhance the power of a print publication with digital tools. We can entice people to sign up for a print piece through a website. And we can create completely custom campaigns that help readers immerse themselves in a company's culture across all channels.

Our clients

Throughout the history of the company, we've been guided by one mission: To communicate health and healthcare information for the enrichment of people's lives. We achieve this by partnering with clients who share that same goal.

Over the past three-plus decades, Coffey has had the privilege of serving healthcare systems, hospitals, health plans and physician groups. As a testament to our products' effectiveness and Coffey's commitment to customer service, we've worked for our first client continuously for 34 years. In addition, 50-plus clients have worked with us for more than 10 years.

Our team

Coffey's staff is dedicated to helping you connect with your audience and meet your healthcare marketing goals.

Collaboration is the foundation of our working relationships. Our employees understand their roles and how they mesh with those of others. Internal communication and coordination are second nature to us. That allows us to focus our energy on merging your team and ours into a cohesive unit.

We invite you to learn more about our team. We encourage you to read up on the work we do, both in print and online. And we encourage you to reach out with questions or comments at any time. We'd love to hear from you!