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Click-worthy content: How to reach your audience

Posted on: Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Is your hospital's content good enough to engage healthcare consumers? This week's click-worthy links have some tips that can help.

A(nother) case for content marketing

Marketing's Future in One Word: Content (Don Peppers)

Content marketing is far from a new concept. This LinkedIn post offers 5 helpful tips about how to make your content marketing work. You may have seen this type of information before, but we find that reminders about best practices are always helpful.

Reaching informed healthcare consumers

3 Considerations for Marketing to Savvy Healthcare Consumers (The Business Journals)

As consumers grow more knowledgeable about healthcare, marketers have to raise their game too. This piece gives 3 relevant tips to deliver messages that engage informed healthcare consumers.

Is your hospital using the right words on social media?

6 Ways to Boost Your Social Media Campaign Using Power Words (Digital Information World)

Here's something we certainly believe: Words have power. At Coffey, we work daily to wield them with care. This post offers social media power words based on your goal and a fun infographic with channel-specific words—including how to run a winning promotion without saying "promotion." 

Let's hear it one more time for plain language

Plain Talking: Gobbledygook Costs Money and Risks Lives (The Irish Times)

Lead Senior Editor and plain language advocate Marjorie Reece is planning a trip to Ireland. She came across this article and we thought it was a great way to follow up on our jargon blog post from earlier this month. Plus, how could we not share a headline that contains the word "gobbledygook"? And here’s another question: Why can't more conferences be held in castles?