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Click-worthy content: Ideas and skills issue

Posted on: Wednesday, August 5, 2015

This week's click-worthy links are all about 2 of our favorite topics: coming up with great ideas and building new skills.  

Your next great healthcare marketing idea is waiting

How to Have GREAT Ideas (James Altucher)

These simple tips can help you infuse your healthcare marketing efforts with great ideas.

For more about this topic, check out the longer piece the link above was excerpted from: "The Ultimate Guide for Becoming an Idea Machine."

Idea opportunity: Get ready for the next Facebook app

With 450M Users, Facebook Events Is Primed for a Stand-Alone App (TechCrunch)

If you aren't using Facebook Events to help promote what's going on at your hospital, now is a good time to start familiarizing yourself with it.

What to look for in the next member of your marketing team

What Skills Are Necessary to Be a Great Content Marketer? (Content Marketing Institute)

Finding a content marketer for your team who has the right set of skills can be a challenge. The expansive list of traits you should look for when making your next hire may seem daunting. But remember, you can always lean on the expertise of the Coffey team.

Skill builder: Raise your presentation game

Create a Conversation, Not a Presentation (Harvard Business Review)

There are some really great reminders here for any kind of presentation, whether to your staff or the C-suite. It's not always possible to actually converse with the audience, but beginning with that concept in mind can help shift from "marching through any document, page-by-page" to a more collaborative experience.

Bonus link: Mid-week marketing inspiration

Visual Content Marketing Look Book (Content Marketing Institute)

If you're in need of visual inspiration for your work week, this SlideShare covers the gamut, from YouTube to Pinterest to Tumblr to Instagram.

Want to add some inspiring visual health information to your hospital website? Check out Coffey's award-winning interactive infographics.