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Click-worthy content: Making a real connection with readers

Posted on: Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Irresistible content—that’s pretty much the holy grail of marketing. Here are a few good links that got us thinking this week of how to entice, engage and reward readers with content they can’t put down. 

Are readers devouring your healthcare content—or just nibbling?

How to Make Visitors Read Your Entire Article (Content Marketing Institute)

It's a fact: Most readers these days will ditch an article before they've read the whole thing. But hook their interest, and they'll stick with you to the end. This post from Neil Patel offers some good advice on creating engaging content for skimmers and deep-divers alike. There's gold at the end of this one!

Give them something to☺about

The Deeper Meaning of Emojis: What You Need to Know on How Social Media is Changing Communication (Buffer Social)

Healthcare marketers can learn a lot from the rise of the emoji—and the kind of communication it represents. There are several interesting takeaways from this piece from Buffer Social, but (spoiler alert) simple and emotional content wins the day. 

Memorable moments happen by design

Manufacturing Serendipity: How to Create Content that Captivates Your Audience (Moz)

Here's a truly sweet story of serendipity in marketing. Moments like these don't make themselves. Being able to surprise, delight and inform your audience takes work and empathy. It might seem tricky to pull off, but these examples will inspire you.