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Click-worthy content: Using data in your marketing

Posted on: Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Data doesn't have to be boring. In fact, it's the beginning of the story you'll tell about your hospital to earn the trust of your community. 

Making data work for you

Data Storytelling: The Essential Data Science Skill Everyone Needs (Forbes)

Data analysis has become a much-desired skill in the past decade, as has the ability to convey this information effectively. Using data to tell a story can help the information stick—and make it more likely to be shared with others. 

Show what the numbers mean

Visualizations That Really Work (Harvard Business Review)

Beyond simply crafting a story with data, representing it visually is also very important. At times, the desire to make the data attractive can diminish the impact of the data itself. Asking a couple of key questions as the data visualization process begins, and understanding what type of message needs to be conveyed, will go a long ways toward ensuring that the information is understood. 

You've got the content—now you need a plan

What Is the Difference Between Content and Content Marketing? (Content Marketing Institute)

There's content, and then there's content marketing. This post from the gurus of content marketing gives some great examples of how to reinforce your brand through an organized content marketing process. It also addresses improving the effectiveness and shelf life of content and gives tips for engaging new consumers.