E-book: Selling—or Upselling—Social Media to the C-Suite

For many people, social media is all about the party—they're logging in to connect and have fun. For companies large and small, it's also an immense, and fun, marketing opportunity.

Posting, tweeting, sharing...a strong social presence can help you reach your audience. But in healthcare, selling the value and feasibility of social media hasn't always been easy.

For many organizations, that means they've been hesitant about—or half-committed to—making social a serious strategy.

If you're a marketer who hopes to improve your organization's social media efforts, you'll need to come prepared—to build confidence in your ideas and get the OK to move forward.

What will you aim to accomplish? How will you do it—and how will you measure it? What resources do you need?

And...how will you pitch all of this to your C-suite?

Whether your hospital or health plan has social media accounts that are dormant, dull or nonexistent, answering all these questions will help put you on the path to social media success.

This e-book can help you plan, plot and pitch a social strategy.

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