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Your publication process with Coffey

Every publication Coffey designs is built custom to your organizational goals, patient or member audiences, and service area.

Discovery and goal setting

Project kick-off meeting

  • The Coffey team will meet with your key stakeholders to learn about your goals and key measures for success for the publication, as well as your brand standards and design preferences.

Co-creation of publication plan

  • Following the discovery and goal setting call, your Project Coordinator will then create a plan for your upcoming publication and meet with you to collaborate and approve.

Prototyping before the first issue

Designers go to work

  • Your assigned Coffey designer will mock up a few sample covers, single page styles as well as a sample feature spread, following brand standards and taking into account the discovery conversation around style preferences.

Feedback and approval

  • Your Project Coordinator and designer will present the prototype to your team and talk through design rationale, answer questions and adjust the design at your request. 

Editorial next steps

Content creation

  • Many clients employ Coffey's custom content creation services. If that's part of your publication plan, at this step in the process it is researched, written and checked for quality assurance.
  • Release forms for patient stories are sent to you from your Coffey editor.
  • The custom content is sent to you for edits, and moves forward to production once it is approved.

On your side of the desk

  • You'll return the completed release forms for patient stories to your Coffey editor.
  • Once you've received the custom content, you'll provide feedback and edits and then final approval.

Now the fun starts: creative production

Your Coffey team is hard at work

  • The plan for the issue is approved, and content is ready—whether completely local, a mix of Coffey content and your content, or 100% your content.
  • Your Project Coordinator receives any materials from you and launches the project.

On your to-do list

  • You will receive both a 30-day and a 15-day reminder of your upcoming production timeframe.
  • You'll submit any publication content and photos to your Project Coordinator on or before the due date.

Design & quality assurance

Publication moves into next phase

  • Your Project Coordinator will send you a list of important dates, such as when to expect proofs, when your proof edits are due and when the job is estimated to arrive in homes.
  • Your Coffey designer creates the publication, following your publication style, branding guidelines and requested specifications.
  • The publication is proofread for quality assurance and to apply any unique specifications you've asked for. Coffey uses AP style and has some house styles as well, but our team is excellent at noting your preferences for style too.

We'll take the heavy lifting during this phase

  • Your Project Coordinator will contact you if any questions arise during production.
  • Attend to all the other projects that are on your plate while Coffey creates your publication!


Time for review!

  • Your Project Coordinator sends you two rounds of proofs of your publication.
  • Upon receiving each set of your proof changes, your Project Coordinator shares these changes with the team, and follows up with any questions as needed.
  • After the two rounds of proofs are completed, a final proof is sent for your review and approval.

Distribution services

Important phase: Mailing via USPS

  • Coffey's mailing services team prepares and sends a postage request based on the estimated quantities you've requested.
  • Coffey's mailing services team gathers and prepares your mailing list, or receives your mailing list(s) from you.

On your to-do list 

  • Submit postage payment.
  • Send the Coffey mailing services team your mailing list (unless Coffey is handling this for you).

Final quality assurance

Review and approval

  • After you've approved your publication, your team reviews it during the final quality assurance steps.
  • Your publication is printed, mailed and arrives in homes.
  • We invoice you for the project. 
  • Your Project Coordinator schedules a follow-up call to discuss what went well and collaborate on the focus of the next publication. They will also send over analytics for the issue, whether results are from call tracking, custom URLs or QR codes.

Final tasks on your end

  • Approve the invoice for payment.
  • Review production analytics with your Project Coordinator and offer insights toward success with the next publication production cycle.

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