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Health e-newsletters

People who subscribe to your e-newsletter have a not-so-secret weapon that can torpedo your healthcare marketing plan: the delete button. If you send them information that isn't valuable or that overwhelms their inbox, all your hard work will disappear into cyberspace.

Coffey can help.

We offer the healthcare marketing expertise, customizable content and easy-to-use tools you need to create and manage a compelling e-mail campaign that people will respond to.

Here are just some of the benefits of partnering with us on a healthcare e-newsletter:

Solid list building and delivery

What's even worse than having your email deleted by a subscriber? Getting flagged as a spammer.

Coffey will make sure that doesn't happen to you.

We'll follow industry best practices to help you create a list of subscribers who actually want your e-newsletter. We can also help you properly manage your email list, so you aren't sending emails to people who no longer want them or to email accounts that aren't active.

Targeted approaches

Why do people ignore or unsubscribe from e-newsletters? Often it's because they don't feel the content has meaning to them—that day or any day.

Coffey's e-newsletters deliver healthcare information that's timely and geared toward each subscriber's interests—weekly pregnancy emails based on a woman's due date, for example. As a result, your subscribers will actually look forward to hearing from you, and they'll engage with the content you send. And they'll stick around: 90 percent of people who subscribe to our Pregnancy e-newsletter complete the series. And subscribers stick with the Keeping Well e-newsletter for an average of nearly 3 years.

Customizable healthcare content

A successful e-newsletter needs to consistently deliver great content. Keeping up with that can be a lot of work. Our products help make it easier.

Each of Coffey's healthcare e-newsletters is filled with compelling content we create. Once we customize the e-newsletter with your branding, it's ready to go out regularly without any additional work on your part.

But we know that your e-newsletter will do a better job of supporting your healthcare marketing goals if it contains content specifically from you. So we make it easy for you to customize each issue by adding your content, links and images. You can also localize our content to highlight your brand and services.

Don't have time for that? Don't worry. Our staff can manage everything from custom writing to adding links or optimizing a subject line.

Fully custom campaigns

If our pre-built e-newsletters aren't right for your organization, we can create a completely custom health e-newsletter that's designed and written just for you.

Put Coffey's e-newsletter expertise to work for you

For a full e-newsletter demo and pricing, call us at 888.805.9101 or email us.

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"Coffey's CMS is so easy to use, it makes my job easier."

—Leslie Mesenburg, Firelands Regional Medical Center

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