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Compelling healthcare content

You need great content. It's the foundation of any successful healthcare marketing plan—for everything from your website and e-newsletters to the healthcare magazine you send to your community.

Not only do you need great content, you need a steady stream of it. And you need it to work in print, on your website and on your social channels too.

Creating compelling healthcare content isn't easy. But, at Coffey Communications, it's our specialty.

When you partner with us, we'll help you meet your marketing goals by capturing the attention of healthcare consumers where they are. You'll get content that inspires and educates—while making your brand and message shine.

Health content you can count on

Here are some of the benefits of partnering with Coffey on your healthcare content:

Trustworthy health information. Your hospital or health organization's reputation is based on trust. Coffey's rigorous quality assurance measures ensure that what we produce for you is accurate and up-to-date.

Editorial planning. Coffey can help you develop an editorial calendar that promotes your healthcare marketing goals using a variety of channels. And we'll package and present your messages in a way that draws in readers and encourages them to act, whether they're at your website, on social media or reading your print publication.

Custom writing. Need a great story but don't have the time or resources to put it together? Our writers and editors can interview your stakeholders and craft compelling stories that promote your healthcare brand and services.

Innovative storytelling. We're committed to creating content that's unique and engaging. Our interactive infographics and recipe slideshows are just 2 examples of our innovative approach to storytelling.

Customization. Coffey's content can be localized with quotes from your physicians or specific calls to action that promote your healthcare services and classes.

Multichannel expertise. A great article for your healthcare magazine won't be written the same way as an engaging story for your website or a social media post. Each channel requires a different touch. Our team knows how to craft compelling content, whether it's a heart-touching patient story, an innovative interactive infographic or an inspiring 140-character tweet.

Medical search engine optimization (SEO). Search engines can steer people right to your hospital or health organization's website. To bring in that search traffic, you'll need compelling content that provides unique value. Coffey can help. Our SEO experts will use best practices to make sure your content is found by searchers and that it's valuable to them once they get to your website.

Put Coffey's healthcare content expertise to work for you

Find out more about how Coffey's editorial services can help you meet your healthcare marketing goals. Call us at 888.805.9101 or email us.

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"Although an ocean away, Coffey has become part of our hospital family. Their professionalism, care and concern are really remarkable."

—Helene Waihee, Castle Medical Center

EXPERTISE you can count on.