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Healthcare website design and development

Patient engagement doesn't just take place in the hospital. It also happens on your website. Your website is an online information hub for healthcare consumers, providers and community members, built to find and engage with the right consumers.

It can be difficult to keep up to date with emerging design and website technology trends. That's where Coffey can help. We build consumer-focused websites that are scaled and upgraded for longevity. And we provide ongoing data and recommendations to ensure that your site continues to evolve and improve over time.

When you work with Coffey, you get access to a highly skilled team of developers, designers and industry experts who specialize in healthcare marketing—and there's a lot our team can do to help.

Our digital experts bring know-how and best practices to site design, navigation, analytics and user experience—across desktop and mobile devices. We offer a unique and personalized approached to design, development and hosting—all of which is focused on healthcare, specifically for hospitals, hospital systems and health plans.

A well-thought-out and intuitive design, backed by a healthcare-specific content management system (CMS), is just the beginning. The website Coffey builds for you has intuitive site search and easy-to-use content modules like a provider directory and robust calendar. And your site will be built on a technology platform that supports WCAG 2.1 standards, Section-508 accessibility requirements and browser/device standards governed by the World Wide Web Consortium (WC3).

Time for a redesign?

If your website is not offering the same quality user experience that defines your brand, conversions are decreasing, or the site is looking outdated, it's time to consider a website redesign.

The benefits of a website redesign include:

  • Improved user experience. A positive user experience helps to develop loyalty, increase conversions and gain more insights from user engagement.
  • Better search engine optimization (SEO). Good SEO leads to higher conversion rates, builds brand credibility and helps consumers find you.
  • Optimized core web vitals scores. Optimizing core web vitals should improve SEO performance, helping your site earn better keyword rankings.
  • Modernized design and functionality. Web design impacts how your audience perceives your brand. An outdated design can make your site difficult to navigate, hurting your search engine performance, or keeping healthcare consumers who use mobile devices or modern browsers from accessing your content.

Our Content Management System

Meet Site Assist

Made exclusively for hospitals and health plans, our content management system (CMS) has the ability to integrate existing scheduler tools and deliver comprehensive reporting. Use our web-based system to maintain your site from anywhere—whether you're at work, at home or on the go. Just log on with your username and password.

At the core of our CMS are 11 content modules. We also offer custom integration.

Interactive Digital Health Content

Especially valuable for health systems that don't have the expertise to create digital interactive assets, our Interactive Digital Health Content provides tools to help readers gain a deeper understanding of a medical issue. You can add content and interactives from our Interactive Digital Health Content to your website or social media and localize static articles.

Provider Directory

Our Provider Directory minimizes the size of your website by not building a page for each provider, which improves site performance. This also improves filtering/searching and makes specialties more searchable. The auto generation of default meta descriptions helps to improve your click-through rate. Our provider directory also allows you to launch campaigns within our integrated Coffey Social Tool.


Our robust location module provides filtering, proximity searching/location awareness, location grouping and links to filtered location groups. In addition, we can potentially integrate with your credentialing software.


Our Calendar module offers functionality that allows users to create and manage one repeating event, even if that event happens on different days of the week or different days of the month as it repeats. Set registration limits per event, occurrence or time slot. Automatically pull in registration costs and process payment from event info.

HIPAA compliant form builder

Using our Form Builder tool, you can create and edit custom forms that your customers can complete on your website. Save time with a template you customize, or build one from scratch. Once submitted, the information in a form will be securely stored until you retrieve it. All form data is stored securely in accordance with HIPAA and PCI requirements.

News Release Center

We provide fresh content that can be used, along with your own content, on your site. Adds to your credibility and improves your Google score.


Blog content will give you more backlinks, resulting in a higher ranking in search results. To help you become successful in blogging, Coffey offers ghost-writing support.

Job Center

Applicants can search for and apply to an open job opportunity. Your human resources team can set status and ratings of applicants and send decline emails directly from the module.

Cheer Cards

Integrating with the Baby Nursery content module, users can select and personalize a greeting card to be delivered to a patient. Cards are available in English and Spanish.

Gift Shop

The gift shop module, which works with Cheer Cards, provides an entry-level option for e-commerce.

Baby Nursery

This HIPAA-secure module allows a health system to post basic information about newborns so that distant family and friends can share in the birth.

Coffey's CMS is intuitive and built specifically for the healthcare industry, and we’re able to make most of the changes needed on a daily basis within our team.

—Iredell Health System

Social media

You have a story to tell. And by utilizing social media to tell your story, you can enrich your brand equity and drive readers back to your website, where they get the information they need to learn more about your organization, find a location or schedule an appointment.

But posting to your page is not enough. In order to break through, you must produce content that readers engage with. Only then will your pages become visible to the audience you're trying to reach.

This time-consuming task is made easier with Coffey Social, which allows users to publish social media content directly from the CMS. If you use Hootsuite to schedule and publish your posts, Coffey Social will integrate with your account. Our digital content hub is filled with clickable infographics, engaging videos and compelling breaking news pieces made to engage readers. And our social media publishing tool allows you to tap in to the power of the content—while saving time.

Site Assist has built-in safeguards to help ensure that your website is properly optimized for speed and reduce any 404 errors with a link checker tool and an automatic meta description update feature as well.

Incorporation of third-party tools

Our approach to website development provides the expertise needed to integrate modules and tools created outside of your organization. This allows Coffey to incorporate third-party software or APIs, like electronic medical record tools, patient portals, ER wait times, timekeeping systems for employees and other items as needed to best serve the audiences being targeted by your website.


We use a variety of code-validating services, including World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). This ensures that our websites work properly in the widest range of modern standards-compliant web browsers.

Our web hosting and mailing services data systems are HITRUST CSF Certified, a demonstration of our commitment to information security and privacy for compliance with HIPAA and beyond. Maintaining this certification requires regular review, sound risk management practices and ongoing improvements to our security posture.

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