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Multichannel marketing

Your healthcare consumers are increasingly engaged on numerous devices and media platforms on a daily basis. This means that it's important for you to understand how your consumers interact across different platforms to effectively reach and engage with them.

At Coffey, our integrated approach helps you build bridges between your print and digital channels with uniquely valuable content and strong calls to action for a variety of channels. We help increase your consumer engagement by leveraging a cross-channel approach that gives your consumers a seamless experience across different platforms.

Leveraging multiple channels

Every piece of collateral you create, whether it is print or digital, could be your consumers' first exposure to your brand. Your digital audience seeks you out; direct mail finds them where they are. Integrating your print collateral with your digital communications takes this one step further and helps maximize the number of healthcare consumers who see your marketing messages.

If you're not converting your print articles into a digital format for your website, you're shortening their potential reach. Incorporating inline content from our health library on your website enables you to disseminate content across multiple online channels, including social media.

By strategizing your marketing campaign across multiple channels, you’ll see a higher engagement rate from your consumers. And targeting your consumers in the right place at the right time increases the likelihood of conversion.

Measuring success

Integrated print and digital campaigns offer significant tracking benefits. Coffey can extend the life of your publication or other print collateral by using trackable links, UTM codes, QR codes or social media tracking to measure the impact of your campaigns.

If multi-channel marketing is not part of your best practice, or your vendor does not support this approach, talk to us and find out why you should include it.

Do you need help with multichannel marketing?

Multichannel marketing can seem like solving a giant puzzle. Our team can help you build strong bridges between your print, digital and social channels. Let's get started!

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