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Healthcare content2 min read 3 ways patient testimonials are powerful

Patient or member testimonials are a powerful tool for showing how your hospital or health plan positively affects people's lives.

February 1, 2016

The Coffey Team

People are interested in real people and real stories.

If your healthcare content features patient or member testimonials, you're wielding a powerful tool for showing how your hospital or health plan positively affects the lives of people.

How testimonials enhance your healthcare content

We could go on and on about the value of storytelling, but here are just 3 ways patient testimonials can help you tell your unique and valuable stories:

1. They show—and don't just tell. You can give readers plenty of information about your services. But that might not have the same influence as one genuine and compelling story that shows how someone’s life was saved or changed because of your care.

"When I arrived, they whisked me through the Emergency Room. In less than a minute, a physician began taking care of me. I was impressed with how seamless the care was throughout the entire process."
— Patient of San Joaquin Community Hospital

2. They create a circle of caring. What's a circle of caring, you ask? It's an opportunity to step back from self-promotion—from asking your physicians and staff to sing their own praises—and let patients do that for you. They can talk about your organization, from the quality healthcare to the touching kindnesses they received.

What completes the circle? In the same stories, your physicians and nurses and other healthcare providers can share how rewarding it is to care for people and make a difference in their health and lives.

Readers see how great your healthcare is and get a comforting sense of the devoted and caring people who deliver it.

"I cannot emphasize enough how wonderful Dr. Hallam was and how helpful the nurses were. There was never a time that I doubted their care. I wouldn't want my sick baby to be anywhere else. I am truly blessed."
— Mother of patient of Florida Hospital Waterman

3. They inspire. Heartfelt, even harrowing, patient stories touch us. They give us goosebumps—and hope. They show us the resilience of humans and the wonders of medicine.

They help us believe we can face adversity, take control of our health and live happier lives. They're also the kind of captivating content that people want to comment on—and share with their friends and family—on social media. #InspiringStory

In some cases, patient stories will come to you. Here's an idea that can help you make that happen. Add a "Tell us your story" link on your website. Use it to start conversations with people who may have a compelling story to share.

Let Coffey help

Your patient stories are unique to your organization. Coffey's editorial team specializes in helping our clients tell their exclusive tales well. We treat these stories with care—and with respect for all the people involved, from physicians to patients to family members.

We'd love to help you too. Contact us for more information about all our healthcare content services.