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Healthcare content2 min read Harness the power of national health observances for your local healthcare marketing

Find out how to add local flair to national health observances like American Heart Month and Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month.

February 5, 2018Lisa Ladd, Senior Staff Writer

National health observances give your service lines and staff the chance to share the limelight with respected organizations like the American Heart Association and American Cancer Society. And they let you build on the momentum generated by large, nation-wide campaigns.

To take advantage of this opportunity, look for ways to blend the national and the regional into a perfect package that makes your organization shine. Here are a few great ideas you could put to use in the coming months.

3 fabulous February marketing ideas

American Heart Month

Every year the American Heart Association uses these 28-plus days to remind people of the importance of good heart health and the many steps they can take to prevent heart diseaseā€”the leading cause of death in the U.S. for both men and women. It's a perfect opportunity to feature one of your cardiologists on your blog or in a print article discussing common signs of heart disease, with a CTA (call to action) for readers to call their physicians if anything sounds familiar.

You could also run a series of infographics throughout the month highlighting facts and local stats about heart disease. (Your local American Heart Association office could probably help you with area statistics.)

National Wear Red Day

American Heart Month is backed up by National Wear Red Day. That's the first Friday in February, when women in particular are encouraged to "Go Red for Women" and use their attire to bring attention to heart disease's toll on their gender. This would be a good day to encourage all staff to wear red. You might even work with a local spa to offer 10% off coupons for their services to any women coming into your facility wearing red. (Stress is a risk factor for heart disease.)

Valentine's Day

And don't forget that Valentine's Day falls in February. How about spelling out the risks for heart disease in the shape of a bright red valentine-shaped box of chocolate? Or offering heart-shaped chocolates to women who make appointments to talk with their doctors about their personal risk for heart disease?

More marketing opportunities coming soon

If February has passed you by, there are other events you could build on. For example, March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. Interview one of your gastroenterologists, and create a colorectal cancer Q&A with a CTA to make an appointment at your GI Lab if it's time for a colonoscopy. Or interview a patient who had a precancerous polyp found on a colonoscopy.

Or, plan ahead for fall. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Share local breast cancer statistics on your website and print publication, and highlight the mammography services you offer. Better yet, host a series of tours for your community, so visitors can see the facility in real time (and potentially make an appointment).

Let us help you

Many of the examples we've given involve creating custom content. (That's what makes local promotions really shine.) We have a team of writers and editors available to help you create content just like this.

We also have interactive infographics, assessments, quizzes and videos that we could localize to feature one of your service lines in association with a national health observance. For example, we could amend our heart failure infographic by adding a CTA that references your doctors. We could also amend our Pap test video with a CTA to that includes your women's health services number. Contact us and let's brainstorm some ideas!