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Website designHealthcare marketing strategy2 min read How to choose the right online provider directory

Discover the key features your online provider directory needs to best serve your consumers and providers.

October 21, 2019Jordan Knapp, Client Advocate/Project Manager

When we talk to healthcare marketing teams about goals for their website, we often hear about promoting providers. Today's marketing teams are under a lot of pressure to make sure their doctors are easily found and that each provider listing is complete and compelling. In order to successfully do both, you need a good online provider directory.

Your website's provider directory should meet the needs of consumers, providers and marketing teams. Here are four things to look for as you shop.

1. Superior search. People come to your website looking for information and answers—and they want to find that information as quickly as possible. That's why an intuitive search feature is an essential part of an online provider directory. People shouldn't have to browse a long list of providers to find what they want. Instead, they should be able to quickly filter based on the information that's most important to them.

At a minimum, your provider directory should allow users to filter by:

  • Location—both the facility name and the distance from the consumer's current location.
  • Provider specialty.
  • Languages spoken.
  • Gender.
  • Whether or not the provider is accepting new patients.

2. Easy content customization. The most effective provider profiles are those that help people find out about the provider as a person. Including photos and a short bio or practice philosophy on each profile can help with this. Some providers may have videos of themselves in their practices that they'd like to include. Others may want to list their medical group memberships, certifications or academic appointments to build credibility with their patients.

But keep in mind a provider's profile is not a static. Your providers may be adding board certifications, building new skills or accepting new insurers. It's important that you find an online provider directory that makes updating this information simple.

3. Integration options. An effective provider directory should be able to seamlessly integrate with other parts of your website. For example, having a list of related providers automatically displayed on your service and location pages is important. Visitors to these pages will be able to quickly find providers at your organization who offer the expert care they need.

4. Simple maintenance. If your healthcare organization is large, your provider directory could have hundreds of entries. A provider directory that's user-friendly and easy to update will save you time and energy. The best provider directories allow you to make changes in one place. For example, if a new provider joins your team, his or her profile should automatically appear with related services. And if a provider leaves, you should be able to take the profile down in one place without leaving broken links throughout the rest of the site.

See an effective provider directory in action

Coffey's content management system features an easy-to-use provider directory with all the options you need to successfully promote your providers online.

To learn more about our directory and how it can improve your digital strategy, schedule a meeting with one of our business development consultants.