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Healthcare marketing strategyPrint and direct mail2 min read Let's talk healthcare marketing strategy: meet your goals with a mix of digital and print

Don't count print out. Make it work with your digital strategy.

December 23, 2019Melissa Welling, Editor

It would be nice if there were a strategy calculator for healthcare marketers. Punch in the number of beds in your hospital, your community size, the number of your competitors and your marketing budget—and presto! You need to send a 16-page magazine four times a year to 100,000 households making $75,000 or more a year. Problem solved.

Don't count on that anytime soon. But here's one thing you can count on: The best solutions won't be about choosing between direct mail or digital, podcast or e-newsletter, postcard or social media. They will be about coming up with smart ways to make a variety of media work together to meet your unique goals.

Print has a place in that mix. But there's not a simple formula to know what's right for your hospital or health plan right now. And that's actually good news. (Stay with me here.) It means there isn't just one solution. There are a lot of ways to accomplish your goals.

Take a look at a few of the most common problems our clients bring to us.

I need to provide value that can be tracked

Your marketing budget has been allocated with care, and every dollar that can't be tied to return on investment (ROI) may be called into question next year. Sound familiar?

Digital solutions—with their wealth of built-in analytics—offer obvious upsides in this scenario. But don't dismiss print out of hand. Direct mail has a reach that digital doesn't. No one has to seek it out. It can literally show up on someone's doorstep. And with careful planning, it can provide equally actionable data.

One way to do that is to develop print content that funnels people naturally to a blog or publication microsite. The pairing can give you the tangibility and reach of print with the measurability of digital—and enrich the experience of both audiences.

I need to build brand awareness

Your providers may be leaders in their fields. But does that fact alone bring people in the door?

Direct mail can be the spark that ignites a chain reaction of engagement. A printed wellness calendar, for example, might lead to online class registrations, which can lead to appointments. Or a magazine contest might lead to engagement on social media, which can create community ambassadors who spread the word about your services.

I need damage control

When you're faced with the truly challenging task of shifting perceptions or repositioning your organization in the community, print can be helpful. Responding effectively to a scandal or snafu requires a blend of timely action, consistent messaging and commitment to quality.

Digital media can get your message out quickly. A first-rate print piece can reinforce that message, create an impression of quality and start the work of re-establishing trust.

We can help you find your way forward

Your marketing needs are as unique as your organization. The strategy you use to meet them must be too. And both will shift over time. That's why it pays to do a periodic review of your goals and strategies. Adding an outside voice to that conversation can really help.

The right consultant can come into the conversation armed with competitor research, a fresh take on your current performance and creative ideas gleaned from others in your industry. We can help. Contact us and we'll get started on a marketing plan that works for you.