Search engine optimization (SEO)

Writing for the web means writing for both people and machines. The content must be compelling, so people read it and get the information they need. But words must be chosen carefully, so computers know what the page is about. The art and science of blending the needs of people and machines is search engine optimization (SEO). And at Coffey, we're experts in healthcare SEO.

SEO services we offer

We provide SEO consulting, writing and editing with one goal: to create online content that stands out in both quality and results. Our SEO team offers:

  • Website audits. Know just what's working—and what needs fixing or could be better—before you kick off a website design or web redesign project with Coffey's detailed SEO audits.
  • Comprehensive keyword research. Use the healthcare keywords your readers use when they run online searches with Coffey's comprehensive keyword research.
  • Content generation. Share compelling, scannable, actionable content with the help of Coffey writers and editors.
  • Ongoing analysis. Are your words having an impact on your search results? Are your competitors outperforming you? Our periodic reports, and always-available dashboard metrics, can help you answer these key questions.
  • Troubleshooting and support. Whether you need help with a pesky review, an unusual Google search result or a new request from the C-suite, our experts are ready to help.

Why count on Coffey for healthcare SEO?

  • Experience. Our SEO team has worked in the field for over a decade. And we only work with hospitals and health plans, so our experience is specific to health care.
  • Evolving expertise. Our team closely follows Google algorithm changes and SEO trends, so you'll get advice that is current and reliable.
  • Plain talk. We strip the jargon from our reports, presentations, calls and email messages. You'll know just what we recommend, even if you're not an internet expert.
  • Dedication. You'll have a dedicated Client Advocate/Product Manager assigned to your website—and you'll have a direct line to your SEO expert. Your questions will always be answered by a team working hard for you.

Coffey's comprehensive online solutions

At Coffey, healthcare marketing is all we do. Whether you're running a regional medical system, a multi-state health plan or a community hospital, we have the digital knowledge and expertise to help you. Along with SEO services, we offer other solutions that could help to boost your visibility online.

  • Compelling, user-friendly website design. SEO success depends on reader attention and interaction. And it must be coded properly, so machines can interact with it. Our website design and development team can make sure your site is coded and loaded properly. And our designs are truly compelling.
  • Ever-changing content. Google bots love fresh content. Our CMS solutions ensure that you can update your copy quickly—even if you don't know anything about coding. And our digital library is populated with new, interactive, trustworthy content almost every day. 
  • Easy promotions. Drive readers to visit your site with our e-newletter products. Or promote your website's features with a print publication. We offer options for both hospitals and health plans.

Whether you're looking for a plug-and-play solution or an online partner that can take your site from concept to launch, Coffey can help.

Find out more by calling 888.805.9101 or email us.