AIS Cancer Center

The marketing team at Adventist Health Bakersfield knew that people diagnosed with cancer became adept internet researchers. They wanted to know more about what cancer is, how it develops, how it can be treated and where that treatment should happen.

The team hard at work in Adventist Health Bakersfield's AIS Cancer Center had those answers. But the current website only provided one page of space to share that information.

And that one page competed head-to-head with another local cancer center—who had an entire site devoted to cancer treatment.

The solution: A microsite.

Giving readers what they want

A microsite would allow the Adventist Health Bakersfield team to discuss their cancer center in detail. And the site would give the team the chance to offer the community trusted, reliable information about how cancer develops and is treated.

The Coffey team provided:

Clear results

Coffey's library of trusted, reliable, fact-checked content helps the AIS Cancer Center share information with the community, both on the site and on social media.

When readers are online, they are compelled to take action. Between June 1, 2016, and Jan, 31, 2017, visitors interacted with:

  • Calendar pages: 34,212 visitors.
  • Interactive forms: 322 visitors.

"Our patients, doctors and community have been extremely happy with the ease of use of our new site as well as the robust cancer content available to them," says Seth Wade, Digital Communication Coordinator for Adventist Health Bakersfield. "Our doctors love the fact that their patients are able to research their cancer on our website and come to their appointments with pertinent questions."

The AIS Cancer Center site was optimized for mobile devices. That move was a smart one, as the majority of users on the site are on mobile devices.

The team uses a paid search strategy to drive readers to the site, but even so, organic search drives the majority of traffic. In other words, the SEO investment made at the beginning of the project continues to deliver real results.

Getting readers is a wonderful thing, but it's better when those readers could be considered potential customers. More than 84 percent of readers of this site live in California, meaning that they live close enough to the center to utilize it.

Client response

"Our cancer center site design now compared to when we first began is gorgeous!" Wade says. "The Coffey team helped us create a top-of-the-line website that just works and works well for any user that accesses it. If we had an idea or suggestion, the Coffey team would help us bring the idea to fruition, only making the user experience stronger and more usable. Thank you, Coffey, for being there 24/7. Your staff and product are beyond exceptional. We can't wait for our next project with you!"

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