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Berger Health System

Healthcare websites play a key role when consumers are choosing medical facilities. Why? Because, for most consumers, the search begins with Google. 

Patients looking for help open up Google—either via computer or mobile device—and they start typing in searches for the healthcare terms that mean the most to them.

The results they see at the end of that search are driven—in large part—by the content on a healthcare website. This is the content that helps Google tie a facility to a service. And it’s the content that can help Google understand where the facility is located.

Having a healthcare website that is optimized for search is absolutely vital.

And making sure key service lines are well-represented on a healthcare website is also crucial.

Just ask the team at Berger Health System.

Giving readers an optimized experience

Berger Health System had a website presence. But the team knew the website could—and should—do more.

“We needed to clean up; modernize; and bring our website information, content and layout up-to-date,” says Teratia Welch, Marketing and Community Relations Manager at Berger Health System. “It was not a user-friendly site and did not have a lot of information people may be searching for.”

Coffey provided:

Identifying key service lines

In addition to updating the design and functionality of the entire website, Welch and her team wanted to keep a close eye on the performance of a few key service line pages.

For example, the cancer treatment section of the website was considered incredibly important.

“The cancer page was a focus because we had a new partnership and a new provider to promote,” Welch says. “We’re able to provide close-to-home care for those who are dealing with cancer, and we wanted to make sure our community knew about what we could do to help ease the stress and pain of going through treatments. Having the information available to consumers in a way that is easy to find was important with the page.”

These are goals that can—and should—help to guide website development projects. But they’re also goals that can guide future development. Did the work done move the needle? Would an adjustment help? These are questions that can be answered with periodic audits.

These key service line pages are highlighted in periodic reports. We track how many people come to each page from search, as well as how long people stay on the page once they have arrived. We also offer suggestions for optimization. And we monitor changes over time.

On a typical month, these key service line pages pull in hundreds of unique views. Tracking those metrics will help the team to spot trends—and make adjustments if something changes.

Improving search performance

In addition to optimizing key service line pages, we also improved the overall experience on the website. Pages load quickly. The design works on both mobile and desktop devices. Key information is easy to find. This is the sort of work that makes engaging with a website a pleasure. And it’s the sort of work that can result in improved search performance.

On a typical month, about half of all traffic to the website comes from search.

Of those searchers, 74.01 percent live within Ohio. These are people who live close to the health system who need help. They’re finding that help through search.

Smoothing the production process

Welch has great feedback to share with her Coffey colleagues.

“Coffey has been exceptional to work with overall,” she says. “From the start, they clued us in with conference calls about what was expected of us and what they would be doing. Frequent emails back and forth kept me, as well as my team, in the loop as to what was going on. It truly is a team effort. We relied on Coffey and their team A LOT, but they also relied on us to make sure we were delivering the information we promised to them on time.”

Would you like to be a part of a relationship like this? Just contact us. We’ll connect you with a business development consultant who can assess your strategy, your market and your goals. And together, we can come up with a plan to help you reach those goals. Let’s get started!

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