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If your healthcare website content was written and approved by a team of stakeholders within your organization, it can be difficult to convince them it's time for an overhaul. They might feel committed to that content and not see the need to rework their words. But keeping your content fresh, organized and optimized for search can make a big difference in your site's traffic.

That's what the team at CGH Medical Center in Illinois found when they embarked on a web design and content refresh. During a previous merger, very old content had been pulled onto their existing website without any updates for SEO purposes. The CGH team felt that the old content—as well as the out-of-date design—was keeping potential clients away from the website and from CGH's medical services. The time was ripe for a change.

A full suite of solutions

Working closely with CGH, the Coffey team provided:

  • SEO analysis, to help the CGH team understand which pages to change, which to delete and which to create from scratch.
  • A website redesign, to create a vibrant, mobile-friendly online presence for the hospital.
  • A content library, to offer readers something new every time they visited.
  • E-newsletters, to entice readers to stay in touch with CGH.

When less is more

By eliminating redundant pages and reorganizing information, CGH decreased the number of pages on their website dramatically—from 275 to 67.

"Our strategy was to be as efficient as possible," says Chris Widell, Business Development Consultant at Coffey. "We believe a site should have the exact amount of information it needs and no more."

Other fixes were as simple as alphabetizing services and moving all the providers from individual pages into a Provider Directory.

"We also found that people in the community were searching for 'pediatricians,' 'family doctors' and 'internal medicine doctors' more than for 'primary care doctors.' So we moved them out from under the heading of 'Primary Care' to better capture that organic search traffic," Widell says.

Service lines get a big boost

In order to better promote key profit centers, CGH also used Coffey's writing services to create or optimize all of the content in the new "Services" section of the website.

"Most important, all the content we wrote drove traffic directly to those service line pages," says Widell.

The new content sparked a significant increase in traffic overall. In the months after the new site went live, unique page views almost doubled, and new users from search more than doubled.

Making the case to your team

So how do you get your organization's key players on board with an update? Sharing these kinds of results with your team can help you get buy-in for the first step: a website audit. And that, in turn, may help build excitement about a content and design overhaul. With a fresh approach, what could your website be doing for your key service lines?

If you'd like to discuss your site in detail—and learn more about best practices concerning content generation, website design and website promotions—reach out. We're happy to demonstrate our tools to your entire team.

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