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If your healthcare content was written and approved by a team of experts within your organization, it can be difficult to push an overhaul through. People within your organization might feel emotionally or logistically committed to that content, and they may not see the need to rework their words, even if you're in the midst of a website redesign.

That's what happened to the team at CGH Medical Center in Illinois. During a merger process conducted in 2012, very old content was pulled onto the site without any edits for SEO purposes. The CGH team felt that old content—as well as an out-of-date design—was keeping potential clients away from the website and CGH's medical services.

A full suite of solutions

The Coffey team provided:

  • SEO analysis, to help the team understand which pages to amend, which to delete and which to create.
  • Website redesign, to create a vibrant, mobile-friendly online presence for the hospital.
  • Content library, to offer readers something new every time they visited.
  • eNewsletters, to entice readers to stay in touch with the organization.

Impressive results from search

Our SEO team compared two data sets: two months after the website went live (Feb. 8 through April 8, 2017) and the two-month period before that (Dec. 10, 2016, through Feb. 7, 2017).

Overall, significantly more people are visiting the new website.

In addition, significantly more people are finding the new website through organic search, which seems to indicate that the SEO work is resonating.

Service line pages experience a big boost

In order to better promote key profit centers, CGH used Coffey's writing services to create or optimize all of the content in the "Services" section of the new website. (Previously, this content was listed under the "Treatments" heading.) The new content has, thus far, seen a significant increase in traffic overall:

The updated services content is also bringing in increased traffic from organic search. The information below reflects visits where a service page was visited directly from search.

Making the case to your team

Showing results like this to your team can help you get buy-in. And these results could get your team excited about embarking on a content-generation and website design overhaul. What results could you get? How impressive could your site become?

If you’d like to discuss your site in detail—and learn more about best practices concerning content generation, website design and website promotions—reach out. We’re happy to demonstrate our tools to your entire team.


Website redesign & SEO

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Website redesign & SEO

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Website redesign & SEO


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