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More than 82 percent of consumers have smartphones, and smartphone users check their phones approximately 47 times per day.* As a healthcare marketer, those are enticing little bits of data that can get your wheels spinning. How can you connect with these consumers?

Health infographics can help. They're easy to read while on the go, and they offer a colorful experience that can keep readers tapping along.

While all of our infographics are made to engage mobile users, we introduced a new mobile-first format this spring that we'd love to show you.

A tap opens this graphic in full-screen format. Scrolling down (and up) changes the graphics and text. Each infographic ends with a call to action that directs readers to more information.

We strive to keep the text short on all of our infographics. But there are some topics that seem to demand a bigger word count. This format gives us the space to explore a complex topic in detail, without overwhelming a small screen with too much text. 

We break this longer content into sections, and the graphics change with the text, so there's an element of entertainment that comes with the education.

Health infographics like this are good additions to service line pages, provider pages or social media posts. And they can be adjusted to fit your branding. You can even swap out the call to action at the end of the graphic with a custom message.

We'd love to show you our suite of health infographics and interactive tools. They're part of our Health Information Library, which also includes text-based articles, quizzes and videos. Contact us to set up a demonstration.


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