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Giving readers what they want is part of your job as a healthcare marketer. To do that, you'll need to serve up different types of content—sometimes on the very same web page.

Consider this: A Pew Research Center study suggests that people 50 and older prefer video-based content. But people younger than 50 prefer to read information instead of watching it.

Pleasing these two different types of audiences is easy with our latest addition to the Health Information Library.

We've created a series of short, focused videos. Here's one example.

This video is short (it lasts for just 15 seconds). It gives a few brief statements about the importance of Pap tests, as well as defining what those tests are. 

Videos like this could also be shared on social media channels, in order to drive readers to content on the website. Or they could stay on the website, with customized end links that take readers to content that's specific to your organization. Use that space to tell your readers more about your:

  • Women's center.
  • OB-GYN providers.
  • Women's health fairs.
  • Cancer treatment center.

Videos in our Health Information Library are built with Section 508 compliance in mind. And they're built for speed, so they load quickly, even on a mobile device.

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