Sleep aids interactive quiz

What should you do when sleep won't come? For many consumers, reaching for sleep aids seems like a simple (and effective) answer. But these same consumers may have many questions about how they should use these medications. And the instructions on the box may not answer all of them.

We designed this interactive quiz with answers to five common questions about sleep aids. Readers can click through each question, learning as they go. And at the end of the quiz, they're given a score—along with the option to read more articles about sleep.

This quiz was the most popular piece of content we debuted in our Health Information Library in 2016. And it remains a major driver of traffic for our clients.

We also offer customization options, so you can add your own call to action at the end of this quiz. And we'll help you understand how to promote this piece of content, so you'll get the most out of your investment.

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Sleep aids interactive quiz

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