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If those viral social videos we all love to share tell us anything, it's this: Visual content is a great way to engage modern audiences.

"The ability to tell stories that way is very powerful," says Jeremy Dietz, Executive Digital Editor for Coffey.

But developing in-house videos can be a big job. That's why Coffey's experts offer healthcare marketers an easy option: a ready-made library of health videos.

Videos that grab attention

The videos are part of Coffey's digital content library. They can help healthcare organizations achieve a key piece of their video marketing strategy: brand awareness and engagement, Dietz says.

Coffey crafts the videos to reach consumers with short, impactful health and wellness messages. Each video focuses on a single tip or topic. Some are as brief as 10 seconds. But they pack a punch.

Topics range from useful kitchen tricks to disease prevention and management.

They're designed to be:

Creative and compelling. The videos use a variety of visual techniques—such as stop motion, paper craft and live action—to engage, educate and entertain consumers.

Action-focused. Every video ends with a customizable call to action. This helps consumers take the next step. That could be to find related health library content—or to connect with a hospital's providers, services or events.

Versatile. The videos can be promoted on your website and in e-newsletters. And Coffey's content management system makes it easy to push them to social. The social tool even suggests a different video for marketers to promote each week based on timely topics. And the Smart Linking feature can automatically promote videos on relevant pages of your website.

Accessible. Coffey videos are available in Spanish. And they're 508-compliant, so they meet accessibility guidelines.

Take a look:

Superfoods to the diabetes rescue

Reel in the benefits of fish

Mind your meds


These are just a few examples of the videos in our digital library. Contact us to see more and to learn how Coffey can enhance your healthcare video marketing.

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