Healthcare content creation

Compelling content is the foundation of any successful healthcare marketing plan. And you need it to work in print, on your website and on your social channels too.

Creating compelling healthcare content isn't easy. But, at Coffey Communications, it's our specialty.

When you partner with us, you'll get content that inspires and educates—and makes you a go-to source for information.

Why choose Coffey for healthcare content?

  • Trustworthiness. Our editorial team uses top industry sources, so your readers can rely on the statistics, advice and guidance that appears in the content we create.
  • Accuracy. All the content we create is verified by a rigorous fact-checking protocol. And our meticulous proofreading and quality checks result in precise and polished finished pieces.
  • Expertise. Our team knows how to craft compelling content, whether it's a heart-touching patient story, an innovative interactive infographic or an inspiring 140-character tweet.
  • Efficiency. Coffey's solutions provide you with a steady stream of content that's correct, complete and ready to go.

Putting our content to work— in a way that works for you

Syndicated products from Coffey, including our hospital print publications, our health insurer print publications and our digital health library, come packed with quality, compelling healthcare content written, edited, fact-checked and proofread by the Coffey team. Use that content as-is, or work with your dedicated Client Advocate/Project Manager on customization. Replace a paragraph, add a doctor's name or swap out entire sections.

If you have healthcare content ready to go—but it could benefit from a good edit or a little polish—let our team of editors and copy editors help you to hone, refine and perfect your words.

If your content is destined for a website, our SEO team can offer strategy and editorial support. And our website design team can bring those words to life online.

Need great original content but don't have the time or resources to put it together? Our writers can interview your stakeholders and craft compelling stories that promote your benefits and services. We can write just one piece—or we can tackle your entire project from editorial planning to delivery.

Let's get started

Find out more about how Coffey's editorial services can help you meet your healthcare marketing goals. Call us at 888.805.9101 or email us.