Hospital print marketing

Print is a vital part of a hospital marketing plan. An engaging print piece can stay on your readers' countertop or coffee table for days, providing a persistent reminder of your key marketing messages.

Coffey Communications specializes in the development and execution of hospital newsletters and magazines—from editorial planning to mailing. It's work we've been doing exclusively for healthcare clients since 1983.

Customize your healthcare newsletter for your community

Your marketing goals are unique—they're tailored to your hospital and your community. Don't settle for the same old print publication solutions. Create something that's right for both you and your readers. Let us learn about your goals, and we'll develop a publication strategy that's right for you.

Choose from several different print formats:

  • Custom hospital magazines.
  • Custom hospital newsletters and tabloids.
  • Syndicated tabloids and healthcare newsletters.
  • Health education booklets.

Save time with a hospital publication solution that's ready to go—with no added work on your part. Or create a completely customized hospital publication with the help of your dedicated editorial team. Or mix syndicated content with custom work. We can help you find the right solution for your goals and community.

Make your hospital newsletter do more

Grab attention at the mailbox—and drive results. Measure and increase engagement with:

  • Trackable phone numbers.
  • Strong calls to action.
  • Readership surveys.

Write your own CTAs, or let your dedicated team do the work for you. Share your successes with your team, and take all the credit. We make that easy.

Why count on Coffey for hospital newsletters?

  • Compelling content. Fill your publication with great stories and trustworthy health information—crafted by experienced medical writers and editors at Coffey.
  • Marketing power. Craft compelling and measurable calls to action that support your hospital or healthcare organization's marketing goals with the guidance of your Coffey editors.
  • Eye-catching design. Get the attention of readers and highlight your messages—without violating your branding guidelines—by partnering with Coffey's designers.
  • Time savings. Put together your print piece quickly with the support of your dedicated Client Advocate/Project Manager and easy-to-use publication planning tools.

Additional expertise at your fingertips

Coffey has printing and mailing experts on staff to help you achieve your organizational goals. We own and operate HIPAA-compliant printing and mailing facilities with the flexibility to deliver your direct mail around your scheduling needs.

Ready to collaborate?

Make the mailboxes in your community part of your megaphone. Use Coffey's custom hospital magazine and newsletter solutions—and direct mail expertise—to share your most powerful healthcare marketing messages. Call Coffey at 888.805.9101 or email us.