Baby-Friendly Hospital designation infographics

How do you help your hospital stand out from the competition? Explaining your benefits and services through a community newsletter can be a great place to start—especially when that newsletter is filled with compelling and engaging graphics.

Consider this: If your hospital achieved a Baby-Friendly Hospital designation, you might know that you offer a key type of care your competition can’t match. But how can you make those benefits clear to consumers?

Consider this infographic.

"One of our aims is to help our print clients promote their key service lines in new and engaging ways," says Lead Senior Editor Marjorie Reece. "Infographics give us the opportunity to put a colorful and compelling spin on the information."

This infographic can be customized with your phone number, your name and/or your web address. And the graphic elements can change, as needed, to accommodate any text you might like to add.

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Baby-Friendly Hospital designation infographics

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