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Heart-related topics dominate most healthcare publications—and with good reason. Regulatory agencies might require you to discuss certain aspects of heart care in your publication, or your internal stakeholders might want you to emphasize heart health topics in order to boost appointment bookings or reduce emergency room visits.

So talking about heart health is vital. But running the same article over and over, year after year, can grow monotonous for both you and your readers. And sometimes these articles don't come with the visual impact that can engage the readers who need the information most.

Infographics can help.

At Coffey, we have entire libraries of infographics available to our print clients. And we tackle the big topic of heart health in interesting—and varied—ways.

These are just a few of the infographics we've offered our print clients.

Notice that some of these infographics can be customized with a name, a website address and a phone number. Those customized images could be compelling standalone social media pieces.

We'd love to talk with you about how to incorporate infographics just like this into your print marketing strategy. Just contact us.

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Print infographics

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