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Cleveland Clinic Martin Health's Year in Review 2018 wasn't just any annual report. It covered a remarkable year in which the former Martin Health System entered a formal relationship with Cleveland Clinic. As President and CEO Robert L. Lord Jr. noted in his letter to readers, the joint venture would bring world-class expertise and a $500 million investment to Martin Health over five years.

On such a historic occasion, it was especially important that the 2018 annual report have uniquely interesting content and an eye-catching design. So Martin Health's marketing team partnered with Coffey to bring the health system's editorial vision to life.

A cover-to-cover collaboration

Martin Health provided the writing, images and cover for the report. Coffey's Senior Graphic Designer Maureen McManaman provided the design expertise to bring it all together. The result: a clean, engaging report highlighting the year's financial and medical achievements. For inspiration, McManaman picked up on a subtle element from the cover—a simple orange bar—to create a visual motif. Used in page headers, sidebars and infographics, the bars helped provide a cohesive look, while a similar blue bar running across the bottom of almost every page helped unify the design.

Meanwhile, the fonts, color palette and generous use of white space helped reinforce Martin Health's vibrant, sophisticated brand.

Making data beautiful

Infographics can be especially effective elements to include in annual reports. When well-designed, they help:

  • Provide visual relief from copy-dense pages.
  • Hold readers' interest.
  • Promote understanding of important financial concepts.
  • Explain the significance of data.

Martin Health's report used infographics to share annual statistics, highlight key events, report on benefits provided to the community and explain how contributions to the Martin Health Foundation were used.

And each infographic was thoughtfully designed by McManaman for maximum clarity and cohesiveness with the overall design.

The human face of healthcare

Martin Health's report wasn't just about the data, though. The editorial strategy included personal touches many annual reports overlook.

The stories of patients who benefited from new procedures and key service lines helped bring home the valuable role the health system plays in the community.

Donor features provided not only an opportunity to thank people and businesses who contributed to the health system's success, but a chance to encourage other community members to get involved.

And quotes from patient care providers offered insights into the warmth and passion of the people at the heart of Martin Health.

Large, local photos helped reinforce that humanity. And distinctive calls to action offered ways to engage on nearly every page.


"I always try to make this client's annual report look different from the year before," says McManaman. "We want it to be engaging and not something people would just pick up, scan and put it down. If people see it in the waiting room, it'll be something appealing to read."

Let us design your next annual report

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