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Listening to their community

From local focus groups, the marketing team at Dignity Health–St. Rose Dominican knew that their audience saw their former magazine as not pertinent to men. They also learned that people wanted more tightly written articles on a broader range of health and wellness topics.

"Women remain an important audience for St. Rose," says Marjorie Reece, Lead Senior Editor at Coffey. "We helped them develop an editorial strategy, both in print and online, to engage women and widen their appeal—to provide the kind of content everyone in their community, men and women, would see as interesting and valuable."

In print, the strategy includes a unique two-version approach to bring relevant content to specific groups: readers under 45 and those 45 and older. St. Rose also relied on the expertise of Coffey's mailing services team to make sure people received the magazine meant for them.

St. Rose also takes an integrated approach to their content. They create local stories, but they also rely heavily on both Coffey’s print and digital health content.

It's all in the name

St. Rose Dominican truly wanted to make a difference in the lives of their readers. Based on this, Coffey crafted a number of new magazine name and tagline ideas for consideration. St. Rose chose Reach: Together in Health and Happiness

"The name Reach was chosen because we want our readers to think about all the goals they aspire to reach—health, wellness, emotional, etc.—and we want to inspire them to reach those goals," says Kimber Haley, Marketing/Communications, Dignity Health–St. Rose Dominican.

Their readership noticed and appreciated the effort. Here's what one reader had to say in a handwritten note after the inaugural issue: "I usually just toss these things in the trash, but your yummy article, 'How to create a healthy, hearty salad,' caught my eye, which led me to open and continue reading. … I have been feeling lately like my life is in a rut. As I continued reading, I saw a few things that somehow lifted my spirits, and I plan on attending a few of the gatherings offered."

Telling compelling stories: In print and online

For St. Rose Dominican, featuring real stories about real patients is another important objective of their magazines. With their integrated approach, Coffey also helps them turn those print pieces into dynamic online content with additional and unique features.

For example, in one issue, Reach shared the incredibly inspiring story of Greg Sutter, a local resident who endured a string of serious health problems that eventually cost him his legs. In the magazine, St. Rose urged people who read the story to go to the website. On the site, they could send Greg a message, ask him a question about his journey back to health and see pictures of him with his Harley Davidson.

Drawing readers online with unique content

To drive traffic to Reach online, Coffey helps St. Rose Dominican with editorial planning. Our team creates uniquely valuable content that gives readers a compelling reason to make the journey from the printed page to this online resource. That means it needs to be both unique and valuable.

Each issue of the magazine has strong calls to action to the website. For example, readers might be urged to go online to sign up for a class, read "7 Surprising Ways You May Be Sabotaging Your Diet," take an interactive quiz on knee pain or get a specific recipe. Broccomole, anyone

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