Infographic design

Telling stories with pictures and words

Without a doubt, infographics are among the most dynamic communication tools healthcare marketers can use.

With eye-catching images and small chunks of text, infographics can make complex ideas and information engaging and easy for your audience to absorb.

Meeting the need

It's easy to see the value of infographics. But like many marketers, you may not have your own team of content specialists and designers on hand.

That's why Coffey created a library of versatile infographics available to our print clients at no extra cost. They're designed to cover information we know healthcare organizations want to share, says Lead Senior Editor Margie Reece. That includes topics like:

  • Health screenings.
  • Immunizations.
  • Disease warning signs.
  • Healthy lifestyle tips.

"It's a natural fit," Reece says. "A lot of that information really lends itself to a visual format." For example, Coffey print infographics can:

  • Make dry data engaging and easy to skim.
  • Use pictures to help readers grasp complex health advice.
  • Cut through the clutter, giving readers key health advice at a glance.

See for yourself:

A flexible magazine design tool

Coffey's infographics are built to be adaptable too. Our designers can adjust the size, orientation, colors and more to fit specific layout or branding needs.

Many infographics can also be customized with a website, phone number or other call to action. That can help readers take important next steps, like connecting with your providers. Infographics add visual interest and variety to the pages of your publication. And they can help complete an editorial package. For instance, an infographic on heart attack symptoms is an ideal supplement to a story about cardiology or emergency services.

Get the picture

Over the years, we've learned this: A great healthcare infographic strikes a beautiful balance between text and illustration. It conveys information people need in the simplest way. And it adds depth and interest to a publication.

To see more examples of our work and to learn how Coffey's infographics can enhance your print publication, contact us.

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