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Kettering Health Network

What happens when your print publication works a little too well? It might sound like a wonderful problem to have, but in reality, a very effective publication can cause a few administrative issues—unless you have an innovative process in place.

Handling high call volumes

Kettering Health Network faced this issue. When the print publication hit mailboxes, readers took action. They called phone numbers for appointments. They signed up for classes. They asked for more information. And that meant the organization’s call center was extraordinarily busy.

It also meant that tracking return on investment (ROI) was tough. Keeping track of why people called—when call volumes were sky-high—was a task the operators weren’t always able to handle. They needed to pass calls along, not take notes about those calls.

Tracking and optimizing calls

The innovative solution: Trackable phone numbers.

By using a different phone number for each call to action (CTA)—and working with Coffey Communications to pull reports for each number—the Kettering team could determine what CTAs were driving real engagement. That data could help the organization make smart staffing decisions.

And the data could help the Kettering team hone its CTA strategy. By using tried-and-true language to motivate a response, they could make their publication more valuable with each printing.

Real-time results

In a recent issue, the Kettering team used 12 different trackable numbers to differentiate:

  • Classes.
  • Screenings.
  • Seminars.
  • Consultations.
  • Appointments.
  • Questions.

Call volumes remain remarkably high. Consider these statistics relating to an appointment CTA.

And these statistics relating to promoted calendar events.

Put this strategy to work

At Coffey, we know that proving the value of your work is vital. And we know that data makes day-to-day decisions easier to make. That’s why we offer so many data-collection options for our print and digital clients. Contact us to find out more about how we can help.

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