Multichannel marketing

Dignity Health–St. Rose Dominican

In your readers' hands, your print publication is a vital part of your healthcare mission. Every page is an opportunity to engage and inspire.

But what if you want readers to connect with your brand online as you begin to merge your print, web and social strategies? That was one of Dignity Health–St. Rose Dominican's goals when they launched, a companion microsite for their print magazine, with the help of Coffey Communications.

A three-pronged approach

The St. Rose Dominican marketing team wanted an integrated strategy—one that would inspire their community to engage with Dignity Health's Hello humankindness mission.

The first part of that strategy was a quarterly 16-page magazine, Reach. With Coffey's editorial planning and writing help, St. Rose Dominican fills each issue of Reach with compelling content designed to highlight the hospital's humankindness mission, share inspiring patient stories, encourage good health in their community, and spread the word about wellness classes and events.

Next, to help the magazine's readers make the leap online, Coffey designed a companion microsite, The microsite is an online hub where Reach readers are invited to discover additional content, such as:

  • Extended storytelling through photos, videos, in-depth versions of print articles and unique, local-interest content.
  • Healthy recipes.
  • Health tools from Coffey's digital library, like BMI calculators and allergy assessments.
  • A doctor search tool.
  • Health and fitness classes and events.

Each print edition of Reach includes short, powerful teasers that encourage readers to go to the microsite for even more great content. is designed to look and feel like part of the Dignity Health family of websites. And of course, from there, visitors can easily link to the main St. Rose Dominican website to explore more of Dignity Health's services.

Finally, to engage readers between print issues, the Coffey team also creates social posts designed to drive Facebook and Twitter users to content on the microsite. That includes an online version of the magazine for readers who prefer a digital experience. This extends the life of St. Rose Dominican's content and helps them get more mileage out of their content investment.

Plus, by leveraging Coffey's digital assets, editorial planning and writing, and site management help, the microsite adds minimal time to marketing manager Kim Haley's busy schedule.


An engaged audience

This integrated strategy works.

Readers who go to the Reach online microsite stick around. Users typically view 2.5 pages per visit and stay on the site for more than eight minutes a session. Those who arrive from Facebook view even more pages—four per visit, on average.

And when St. Rose Dominican adds trackable phone numbers into the mix, they see even more results. A recent orthopedic patient success story generated 21 phone calls from 17 unique numbers.

Grow your cross-channel marketing strategy

Adding a microsite to your print publication can help you engage a wider audience. Contact us to learn how we can help.

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