Sports safety print infographic

For many hospitals and health plans, sports safety is a topic that simply must be covered each and every year. By reminding parents of the vital steps they can take to keep kids safe while playing sports, these organizations can help to reduce the risk that a game will end with a visit to the emergency department.

But covering the same topic—in the same way—can come with reducing benefits. Parents might begin to tune out a message if they’ve seen it repeatedly. 

Infographics can play a key role.

An infographic like this one helps organizations to share the safety message with both parents and their kids. This infographic breaks up the tips into a fun and interesting format so parents are more likely to read the information they’re given.

Our infographics are made for customization. Add your name, a quote from one of your providers or a phone number. Making this artwork your own is just one way to make your readers take notice.

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Sports safety print infographic

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