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Success stories Adventist Health Bakersfield

Patient stories are a powerful way to showcase your healthcare organization's compassionate care. These are the kind of stories you want to tell—and readers want to hear. But what happens if you can't interview the patient for the story? That's the challenge Adventist Health Bakersfield faced. The patient they wanted to interview was halfway around the world.

A content challenge

Megan Simpson, Communication Specialist, partners with Coffey to produce You+Us, a quarterly magazine. Coffey's editors work to ensure a seamless voice throughout the magazine. They also provide other editorial support, such as offering ideas for packaging information and suggesting Coffey content to complement a local story and give readers even greater value.

Simpson's boss, the hospital president, wanted her to include a story about Jody—a young mother from Micronesia who had a serious heart problem.

Jody's story was compelling. The faith-based nonprofit group MAHI International partnered with Adventist Health Bakersfield to bring her to California for treatment.

A video crew interviewed hospital staff and filmed parts of Jody's stay. But Simpson couldn't be with the crew that day to interview Jody in person. By the time production on the magazine began, Jody had returned to Micronesia—6,000 miles away.

The story would have to be written without an interview. So, Simpson asked Coffey for help.

"I trust them with the story," she says. "I know it's going to turn out fabulous. It's a great partnership."

Creative storytelling

Knowing that an interview wouldn't be possible, the Coffey team looked to other sources to tell a compelling and personal story. These sources included quotes from nurses, doctors and others featured in the video, along with notes from a story MAHI International had posted online. And Simpson filled in key details about Jody's surgery.

To round out the spread, the Coffey team added engaging text and visual elements, including:

  • A sidebar highlighting the steps Adventist Health Bakersfield takes to ensure safe surgeries.
  • Interesting facts about Micronesia—Jody's island home—based on Coffey's research.
  • A link to the video of Jody's story.
  • Compelling photos provided by Simpson, including one of the Adventist Health Bakersfield team praying with Jody before she went into surgery.

The result was the article "Jody's long road home."

In Simpson's eyes, the final product was a beautiful patient story. Adventist Health's mission is "living God's love by inspiring health, wholeness and hope." Jody's story illustrated how that loving work is carried out.

"It really is what we do inside our hospital walls. And the story highlighted that beautifully," Simpson says.

Put Coffey's storytellers to work for you

Writing great patient stories is our specialty. We'll conduct interviews, find compelling angles and craft the content so it works across all your marketing channels.

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