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Success stories Bartlett Regional Hospital

Bartlett Regional Hospital is the main hospital serving the Juneau, Alaska, area. They needed a partner who could help them engage community members and spread the word about their services and classes.

Coffey's solution was a multichannel marketing approach that got the hospital's information into their community members' mailboxes and social media feeds.

Custom magazine production and distribution

A key part of Bartlett's communications strategy is a custom print publication that provides ultra-relevant information to the people of Juneau.

Coffey works closely with the Bartlett marketing team to create and distribute the 16-page magazine once every quarter.

To give the publication a strong community focus, Bartlett takes many of their own photographs and writes articles about their hospital and foundation programs.

Coffey's design and content team handles the photo editing, publication design and proofreading process. Coffey also supplies a wide array of ready-made seasonal recipes and healthcare articles that Bartlett selects to round out their publication.

Coffey sees the entire project through to completion by managing the print and mail production. This includes acquiring a mailing list for Juneau-area residents and managing the addressing and mailing of the publication. Our work ensures that Bartlett's magazine reaches all of the households in their community while keeping postage costs low.

The end result is a direct mail marketing piece that is an effective and affordable way to engage with prospective patients and community members.

Connecting print and digital channels

In addition to creating Bartlett's print publication, Coffey also hosts and helps them manage their website. This allows Bartlett to pursue a multichannel marketing strategy that directs their publication readers to their website.

This may mean sending readers to a landing page to learn more about a service or pushing them to take an action like registering for a class. To make sure the Bartlett marketing team knows exactly how much traffic comes to the site from their publication, Coffey places custom URLs in the magazine promotions.

Another way Coffey connects Bartlett's print and digital channels is through an online version of the publication. This flipbook lives on the Bartlett website, and its custom articles are loaded to their online content hub, so that they can be shared in social media or promoted in email campaigns.

Online event and class promotion

Bartletts' birthing center, Bartlett Beginnings, offers helpful maternity classes and support groups to new and growing families. They needed a way to promote these classes and encourage online registrations.

To help them get the word out, Coffey creates and schedules monthly social media posts that promote upcoming classes and bring people to event registration pages on the website.

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